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Private trips available
Weddings, Birthdays, Reunions, and many more...

Snorkel the WEST

While you are cruising along our beautiful coastline to the West side your last snorkeling stop on the Snorkel To the West trip will be the famous Blue Room Cave. It is located along the cliffs next to the dive site called the "Mushroom Forest". The back of the cave is always filled with schools of Glassy Sweepers which are hard to photograph as they have very shiny silvery bodies. The "Blue Room" will cast a spell on your snorkelling adventure! We highly recommend this activity to anyone, it's really fun and you don't need to free-dive to enjoy it.

Sunset in the WEST

Pelican Express offers you also a **Sunset in the West Cruise at the west side of the island, departing from PLAYA KALKI at Westpoint, with live music and snacks. Picture yourself at the most wonderful part of the island sharing the Sunset with your loved ones while you are cruising the crystal blue waters along our beautiful shore line. You will pass by our white sandy beaches : Playa Piskado , the small fishing village of Westpunt , Groot & Klein Knip, Jeremi, Lagun, Daaibooi, Santa Cruz which are surrounded by tropical hills.