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Delfin Tour


Welcome aboard of the Pelican Express, good to have you here! On this 30 minute boat trip we expect to see one or more dolphins from the Dolphin Academy in the vicinity of the vessel. We can meet the dolphins for about 15 minutes on the open sea.
All of the activities at Dolphin Academy are voluntary for the dolphins. They choose for themselves whether or not to participate. ItÕs also possible that something unexpected happens at the open sea and that the dolphins donÕt dare to come out. Two dolphins are scheduled to join us this morning, however they may choose to stay inside or only one will comes out to visit us. Again, itÕs all up to the dolphins! if it accidentally happens that none of the dolphins will join us today we will offer a suitable solution.
When the dolphins are on the open sea we advise you to watch the trainersÕ signals carefully so that you can take the best photos. A good change to see the dolphin jump is when the trainer raises his/her hand. So make sure you have your camera ready at that moment!!

Background Information

Throughout each day (since 2005), dolphins of the academy participate in open ocean excursions. They participate in scuba dive sessions with certified divers, interact in swimming and snorkeling sessions, and also take trips out to sea just for the fun of it.
You may wonder why the dolphins are staying with their trainers and not simply swimming away. The answer might not be what you would expect. For example, you may notice the dolphins are being fed by their trainers from the boat . . . so the easy assumption might be that they are simply hanging around for the food. But keep in mind, the dolphins are swimming among a virtual buffet! There is plenty of fish in the sea, so what is so great about the trainer's fish?
Well for one thing, the trainer's fish is a lot easier to catch!! But the other reason is the relationship the dolphins have with their trainers. The dolphins truly enjoy working with their human colleagues.
The biggest reason these dolphins stay close is because they are territorial by nature.
There are some species of dolphin that prefer the deep, wide-open ocean. They may travel hundreds of kilometers with dozens to hundreds of other dolphins in their pod. However, the species of dolphin at the academy is a shallow water type called the coastal bottlenose dolphin. These dolphins prefer waters close to shore and congregate in small groups. In fact, they even become highly territorial about their coastline. There are some communities of this species that live in the same bay or waterway for generations. In order to familiarize the dolphins with the reefs surrounding the sea aquarium, the trainers slowly introduced them to this area - often just a few meters at a time. The dolphins of the Dolphin Academy live in a dynamic social environment where human beings are as much a part of the dolphin pod as the animals themselves.


We hope you enjoyed the boat trip and maybe weÕll see you again at Dolphin Academy or at the Pelican Express.